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The Aviemore 1996 World Mens Curling Junior Win!

Here are a few facts about our achievements from the past in curling

Recently the Aviemore Ice Rink received a banner from James Dryburgh, who was a Junior curler back in the day, here are some facts about this event:

What is Junior curling?

The World Junior Curling Championships are an annual curling bonspiel featuring the world's best curlers who are 21 years old or younger.

Some facts about the event:

This was the first (and only) World Curling title representing the Aviemore ice rink.


James learned to play curling as a Junior at the ADYC (Aviemore and District Young Curlers) from the age of 10. improving from base knowledge since then.


With the 1996 win, James and Ronald became the first Europeans to win 2 World Junior Curling Championship (WJCC)  (only 2 players had done this before!)


James won WJCC in 1996 at 15 and is still the youngest World Champion to this date!


The banner has been hanging in Lockerbie (Dave and Ronald were from Lockerbie) since the win as the rink in Aviemore was very uncertain at that time about taking the banner.

Well done to James Dryburgh and everyone else who Competed during that time to earn a win for our country!