Ice Skating in Aviemore

Experience the Thrill of the Chill!

Aviemore Ice Rink will reopen on Saturday 8th July 2023, with public Ice Skating sessions available from 1.30pm, our Ice Discos usually start from 6pm through our evening sessions. 

Aviemore Ice Rink is centrally located in Aviemore, within Macdonald Aviemore Resort. The Ice Rink is housed within a large alpine-themed marquee, and it has lots of rooms for skaters and spectators. Light refreshments and hot drinks are available at the Ice Rink. Bob-skates (double-blade skates) are available for little ones as well as Penguin and Polar Bear Skating Aids which are perfect for anyone who needs a little bit of extra help to stay steady on the ice! We have skate sizes from child size 7 to adult size 14.

We urge you to book ahead, especially at weekends, holiday periods and over Christmas and New Year.

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Parent and Toddler Ticket

You and your toddler (aged 4 and under) can enjoy some ice fun together with our parent and toddler ticket (£10), available for our 1330, 1500 and 1630 public skating sessions. Your little one can either use traditional ice skates or twin-bladed bob skates, and for added stability, our penguin and polar bear skating aids are available for use in these sessions.